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How Much Does A Music Video Cost?

April 9, 2014 // by Tai Campbell (Guest Contributor)

The following is a guest post from Tai Campbell, creative director and music video producer at Epik Music Videos, London. As a professional music video maker, I am often faced with questions from musicians and band managers who would ask me, “Why is it so expensive?” I usually tell them that it’s not a one person job. Even when you as the artist might seem to be doing a majority of the work on screen, there are a lot many people working behind the camera to make it all look brilliant! Costs of producing a music video can vary depending on different factors, right from the choice of location to the treatment required. Furthermore, successfully producing any music video requires… Read More »

go indie - advice from independent musicians

#GoIndie: Words of Advice from 16 Independent Musicians

March 7, 2014 // by Ross Barber

As creative people, we’re always learning and growing. To close this part of the #GoIndie series, I asked 16 artists to share some advice based on what they’ve learned and experienced in their own careers. Everyone’s journey and experience is going to be different, but I think that there are things that we can all learn from one another, regardless of our genre, location or background. The response to this series has been fantastic, and I want to keep things going. I’ll be reaching out to more artists in the near future for more interviews covering various aspects of being independent. If you’re interested in offering some thoughts, please get in touch. Please also get involved in the discussion both in the comments… Read More »

GoIndie - The Challenges of Being an Independent Musician

#GoIndie: 16 Musicians On The Challenges of Being Independent

February 17, 2014 // by Ross Barber

In the first #GoIndie post, 16 of my favourite artists discussed the advantages of being independent. In this second instalment, I’ve asked the same artists what they’ve found the biggest challenges are, and how they’ve overcome, or are working to overcome them. I hope this post offers some insight into how other independent artists manage their careers. I believe that we’re all in this together and should support and offer advice and assistance whenever we can. While independence is not always an easy path, there are definitely still successes and rewards out there for the taking. Please also get involved in the discussion both in the… Read More »

Planning ahead when designing a website for your music

Hiring A Designer For Your Music Website: Plan Ahead!

February 14, 2014 // by Ross Barber

If you’re looking to work with a designer on developing a website for your music, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. As someone who has worked with numerous musicians on their websites, there’s a common theme that runs throughout all of the projects that have run smoothly – and that is advance preparation. I always try to work out all of the details before beginning a project so that there can be a quick and efficient turnaround, but what can you do before contacting a designer to help make the process an enjoyable and productive experience? As a guide, these are some of the main things that you should have and consider when you’re approaching a designer: Plan as far in advance… Read More »

GoIndie - The advantages of being an independent musician

#GoIndie: What Does Independence Mean to Musicians?

February 6, 2014 // by Ross Barber

Welcome to the beginning of the #GoIndie series, which aims to explore the benefits and challenges of being an independent artist. I wanted to create this series to give musicians an opportunity to express in their own words exactly what being an independent artist means to them. I think it’s valuable and useful to hear from working artists themselves as it helps to give us a further insight and different perspective into what it’s REALLY like to be writing, recording, touring and promoting music independently. I hope you enjoy the series, and encourage you to get involved in the discussion both in the comments and on Twitter, using the #GoIndie hashtag. I’ve also created a #GoIndie Twitter list with all the artists… Read More »

Wordpress Plugins for Musicians

Essential WordPress Plugins for Musicians (Part II)

January 6, 2014 // by Ross Barber

WordPress has been my favourite platform for musician websites for quite a while now. One of the main reasons for this is how easy it is to extend and enhance your website by using plugins. In the first part of this series, I mentioned some of my favourite plugins for band and musician websites; here are a few more that I use regularly and recommend. Please note that not all plugins will be useful for everyone – it all depends on what you want to achieve with your website! Disqus Disqus is my favourite commenting plugin as it allows users to comment using their Twitter, Facebook, Google or Disqus accounts, but also allows visitors to comment as guests. It’s perfect for… Read More »

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