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Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 18.39.52Electric Kiwi was developed by Ross Barber, a long-time artist, performer and music enthusiast, whose commitment to design incredible websites for musicians is grounded in a deep appreciation for the challenges that artists face in marketing themselves.

Ross began developing websites as a hobby at a young age, before pursuing his BA (Hons) degree in Popular Music. During his academic studies and emergence as a songwriter & vocalist, Ross learned about the growth of social media as a communication tool. His DIY spirit led Ross to refining his web and graphic design skills necessary to establish a strong web presence. In no time, Ross’ creativity was being channeled into his design work; and his passion shifted from creating music, to developing websites that would impact the music industry.

Ross BarberHis academic studies and experience as a musician provided Ross with a unique understanding of how important it is for artists to connect with fans, share their music and market themselves globally. Now, Ross is bringing music to the world in new ways. Performing has become his hobby, and design has become not only his career, but also his passion.

His portfolio highlights his dedication to the craft, and to the clients that he services. One site at a time, Electric Kiwi is building and refining the online identities of musicians, bands and artists everywhere.


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